Sometimes when measuring two vehicles, it's not easy to make a choice, as each of the products being evaluated has important elements. Causing the 2021 Honda HR-V and the 2021 Jeep Compass to go head-to-head, we find ourselves in a different situation. While the Jeep model is ahead of the HR-V in some areas, it lags in the majority of the important aspects of this type of vehicle.

Let's take a look at a few examples to illustrate what we just said.

Maximized size

The Jeep Compass is bigger than the Honda HR-V. It's wider, taller and longer. Yet, inside, it barely offers more cargo space, with 1,693 liters compared to 1,665 for the HR-V. This means that Honda is maximizing space. This is made possible by the Magic Seat, which folds down to provide all the space needed to bring larger objects on board.

Less weight

Because it's bigger, the Jeep Compass is much heavier. Around 200 pounds for some versions, then about 350 for others. This extra weight is impossible to hide when you stop at the gas station. Basically, for city driving, the difference between the two vehicles is 2 L/100 km (10.8 vs 8.8 L). There's no escaping it, driving a Jeep Compass costs more.

The costs

And let's talk about costs. In addition to fuel consumption, the Jeep model is more expensive (a few thousand dollars) and has a higher depreciation rate. Worse, it's less reliable, which means higher maintenance costs.

And if only we could get something in return, such as an exhilarating sporty ride, greatly increased comfort, etc. That's not the case. So here's why the Honda HR-V is a more interesting model in every respect.

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