There's no mistake in the title; we're measuring the 2022 Civic against the 2021 Corolla. In fact, it's that the Honda Civic is completely redesigned and it's the 11th generation model that debuts this summer as the 2022 product. And for the comparison with the 2021 Corolla, it's quite relevant, because it was last year that Toyota redesigned its compact car.


So we have two modern vehicles in our hands. However, we don't have two equal models. If the Corolla is interesting in every way, the Civic is even more so. That gives you an idea of its quality.


The following list of items, along with a brief explanation, will show you why the Civic is superior.


Styling: Tastes differ, but the Corolla's front end is not universally appreciated. The rest of its lines are unremarkable. With the new Civic, Honda has made sure to go with a language that is sure to please everyone. The style of the model is timeless and marked by class. This model will appeal to everyone.


Interior quality: inside, we are entitled to quality environments at each address. However, Honda has pushed the envelope in terms of style, quality and assembly rigor. The new Civic is beautifully designed inside and offers a driver-centric experience with an optimal layout of controls. You don't find that at Toyota.


Driving: To sum up this point simply, the current Toyota Corolla offers a driving experience that was beginning to approach that of the newly replaced Civic. However, by redesigning the model, it has been further improved in all aspects, including handling. The rigid chassis that the 2022 Civic receives allows for a more engaged, more aggressive ride. And above all, comfort has never been so good.


Multimedia system: Toyota has an interesting multimedia system, but Honda has just redesigned its own and simplified access and functionality. You only have to spend a few minutes browsing through the two interfaces to realize that Honda's is way ahead of the game.


The verdict is in and it's unanimous across the board; the 2022 Honda Civic is the best ever. And since the previous model was already dominating the market, it's easy to understand that the new one will do the same. A test drive of the vehicle will convince you of this.

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