In the last few years, the subcompact SUV segment has literally exploded, seeing a lot of interesting players appear. At Honda, the presence in the niche has been ensured since 2016 by the HR-V, a product that no longer needs an introduction due to its intrinsic qualities.

For 2022, it sees a new rival showing up, namely the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross. Anything to worry about? Not when you're offering everything the HR-V offers in terms of configuration, fun, frugality and versatility.

See what makes this model so exceptional within the Honda family.

Its price

At the time of writing, we're still waiting for the price of the Toyota Corolla Cross. However, when you take a look at what's going on south of the border, the Toyota representative is priced higher than the Honda.

Also, the issue of interest rates will have to be taken into consideration. Toyota is not in the habit of making gifts on this side with a new vehicle. The best offer is definitely going to be on the Honda side.

The cabin

With a subcompact SUV, space is often at a premium. The Corolla Cross is a slightly more massive vehicle than the HR-V. Yet, in the back seats, those who climb aboard the Honda model will enjoy the best shoulder and legroom.

Then, the rear seat configuration (Magic Seat) literally allows you to do miracles with little. Cargo volume can reach 1,665 liters with the HR-V; we're still waiting for the Corolla Cross' figures.

A proven model

The HR-V has been on the market since 2016. It is proven and the recalls it had to undergo have already been done. The Corolla Cross, we are not sure what it has in store for us. The Toyota Corolla, since 2018, has been recalled once more than the HR-V since 2016. And with a model making its market debut, there are always nasty surprises.

Wisdom here directs you to the HR-V for 2022.

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