As the pandemic rages across the country, some companies are about to reopen and we can already see some light at the end of the tunnel. In Quebec, for example, dealers like Lallier Honda Montreal will be able to reopen in the coming weeks. If you were about to buy a new vehicle, here are some tips.

Do your research online first

It is easy to get all the information we are looking for online. On the Lallier Honda Montreal website you can get information on financing, information on the different versions offered in our model range and many other details as well. It is therefore possible to obtain all the necessary information on the model that interests us without going to the dealership.

Use our online contact services

If you have questions about different models, you can always reach our team. Use our online chat system to communicate with a member of our team or call us.

Take advantage of discounts

There are huge discounts right now on a variety of models. Not only is it possible to save on the purchase of a vehicle by financing or leasing, but it is also possible to postpone the first few payments of your purchase. In doing so, it is possible to postpone our payment to a time when it will be easier for our budget.

While waiting for the return of sunny days, your vehicle purchase plan does not have to be put on the ice.

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