We have pushed the clocks up by an hour and the outside temperature is staying above 7 degrees Celsius more often than not, the temperature where summer tires are effective.

So, is it time to put on our summer tires? Yes and no. Let's take a closer look.

When should we install our summer tires?

Ideally, the beginning of April is a good time. It is still cold in March and in the morning, it may be cold, and our summer tires may not be suitable. Having said that, it is still the time to book our appointment to install our tires because there will be a strong demand in the coming weeks.

When should we replace our summer tires?

Our summer tires usually need to be replaced after about 25,000 kilometers, or after 3 or 4 summers. However, it all depends on the tire and the use. You can check if the tire is still good using a specialized tool or just a regular quarter. Insert the caribou's nose toward the bottom of the tire groove. If you see the caribou's nose, the tire needs to be replaced.


Where should you buy your tires?

There are several places. That said, only a Honda dealership like Lallier Honda Montreal can offer you a wide selection of tires that have been approved for Honda vehicles. In addition, our experts can help you choose the right tire for your vehicle according to your needs, and we can also install the tires on site and store your winter tires.

Can you keep your winter tires in summer?

The quick answer is no. Winter tires become dangerous when it is very hot, and in addition, they will affect the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

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