The 2024 Honda Prologue will be officially arriving on the market next year as the first fully electric SUV from Honda. It will kickstart a bold electrification strategy for the Japanese automaker that will see it introduce multiple new models with an electric or hybrid powertrain in the next few years. Ultimately Honda hopes to sell 500,000 vehicles that are electrified in North America by 2030.


The 2024 Honda Prologue will be the first model to arrive, and it will be followed by multiple new vehicles including hybrid versions of the popular Honda CR-V and Honda Civic. Honda will also be building a brand-new platform that will serve as a starting point for many new electric vehicles to come.

“The Prologue is Honda’s first electric vehicle in Canada and is the result of a strategic North American plan announced 2 years ago that includes a collaboration with GM to produce EVs in a more efficient manner,” said Steve Hui, Vice President, Honda Canada. “The Prologue signifies our transition to electrification, with more Honda engineered and manufactured EVs in North America coming in 2026. Our Canadian dealers are excited to see it come to their showrooms.”


Honda is investing massively in electrification technology with plans to become the leader in the industry when it comes to efficiency. Honda already builds some of the most efficient and eco-friendly vehicles on the market, the automaker now has its sights set on setting the benchmark for electrification in the segment.


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