If you are not sure how to tell if your Honda’s winter tires are still in good condition, the following tips and advice should help. Our goal here is to give you the different ways that you can check or know if your winter tires are still in good condition. We are also available to help you make that determination if you prefer!


Take a look at the tread


To be safe and effective, winter tires have to have a tread depth of at least 4.8 mm. This is very important because anything less at the beginning of winter means that your tires will likely go below 4 mm of tread depth before the end of the season. And anything below 4 mm is considered dangerous and will certainly impact the stability and capability of your vehicle this winter.


The best way to determine the tread depth is to use a special tool to measure the depth. These are fairly affordable, but you can also use the wear indicators on your tires. The other thing you can do is take a simple quarter and put the caribou nose down into a groove. If you still see the caribou's nose, you probably want to think about replacing your winter tires.


Tread depth is certainly one of the best ways to measure the remaining life on your winter tire. On the other hand, there are other elements that you might not want to disregard.

Think back to last winter in your Honda


Even if your tires have appropriate tread depth, you might still want to consider replacing them if you felt they weren't as effective as they should be at the end of last winter. Ultimately, if you noticed that they were struggling in difficult conditions or they had trouble getting your Honda up hills or out of the snowbank, replacing your winter tires might be a good option.

Moreover, we would strongly recommend that if you've had your winter tires for three or four years, you have them replaced regardless. Even if your current set of winter tires still have a little bit of tread left, we are sure you'll be amazed by the effectiveness and performance of modern and new winter tire technology.

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