At Honda, everyone's safety is a priority. This is the case with the brand's cars, but also with the SUVs and pickup trucks in the lineup. And, of course, it's an important one with the Odyssey, the family vehicle of choice.

The 2021 Odyssey comes standard with the Honda Sensing suite. The latter consists of a series of features that have only one common goal; to provide the best possible sense of security for the driver and all occupants.

Let's take a look at how the systems can work.

Collision Alerts and Avoidance

The Honda Sensing Suite includes systems that help avoid or reduce the force of frontal collisions. First, the Forward Collision Warning System warns us if we approach an obstacle without using the brakes or reducing our speed. It anticipates an impact. If we do nothing, it then prepares for the impact by reducing our speed to reduce the damage. This is known as an impact reduction braking system. Of course, you never want to see it go into action, but if it does, you'll be very glad you could count on it.

Staying in its lane

Many systems today are designed to help us stay at the center of our path. At Honda, we also offer this kind of approach, but we make it work with other systems for optimal results.

For example, the Lane Departure Warning System is there to let us know if we're about to cross lane lines without having activated our turn signals. A simple reminder to correct the situation. If we don't, a second level of alert is triggered, the lane departure warning system. This system provides audible and tactile alerts to wake us up so that we can intervene to get our vehicle back in its lane. It also applies a slight force on the steering wheel so that we find the center of the steering wheel.

If that's not enough to make us react, the lane departure assistance system will intervene to put us back in our lane. How does it work? By applying the brakes at strategic points to facilitate the vehicle's trajectory towards the center of the lane.

Then, another device plays a major role in keeping us away from other vehicles: adaptive cruise control. Simply set it to the speed you want, and it takes care of keeping a safe and stable distance from the vehicle you're following. If the vehicle slows down, the Odyssey slows down. When the model in front accelerates, our vehicle does the same. In heavy traffic, it is one less stress to manage.

If you're looking for a safe minivan, as you can see, the Odyssey is a first in class and a product you can really count on.

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