It's rare that a model that manages to become the best-selling car in its category, or even in a whole host of categories (cars in this case), isn't the most interesting.

It may have found rivals in its path, but it managed to win over them.

With the Civic, the adventure has lasted 24 years. This proves beyond any doubt the model's superiority over its rivals, including the Mazda3, which remains an interesting car. However, when compared to the Civic, it falls short.

Let's take the driving experience as our first example. Have you driven a Honda Civic since its last redesign? If you haven't, you'd better do it soon, because you're about to discover a car that has no hang-ups when compared to the Maza3. For a long time, the Maza3 was considered the most fun to drive in its class. Now it has company.

When you're behind the wheel, you notice something else: the quality of the presentation. While it's classic and tasteful at Mazda, you realize that Honda has done an extraordinary job of putting the driver at the center of the experience. The controls, the layout of the multimedia screen, the climate controls, the instrument panel display, everything is spot on. And that's not to mention the quality of the presentation and materials.

Then, when you look at what's under the hood, you realize that Honda is a step ahead. This is noticeable with all comparable versions. This is true for fuel consumption, but also for power.

But it's not just a question of power, but also of approach. For example, Mazda offers a 250-horsepower turbo engine with its 3. Bravo. However, the model that takes advantage of this does not have the sharp suspension adjustments to match this horsepower. This makes a model like the Civic Si, even if less powerful, much more enjoyable to drive.

And if you have to compare power alone, the Mazda3 is no match for the Type R variant of the Civic.

Finally, a few words about the hatchback model. Not only does Honda's hatchback offer more interior space, it's also safer to drive. Why? Because the Mazda3's interior visibility is horrible. You can't see anything, which is an obvious safety issue.

The facts are overwhelming. The Mazda3 isn't bad, but it doesn't hold up when measured against the Honda Civic. Again, it's not the best-selling car in the country for nothing.

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