Of all the hybrid vehicles on the market, Honda's Insight sedan is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. It's appreciated for its entire body of work.

Here are three essential features of the 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid to help you understand what it means.

1 - Fuel efficiency

With a hybrid, you're looking for the best possible fuel efficiency. In this regard, the 2021 Honda Insight doesn't disappoint with fuel economy ratings of 4.6 L/100 km in the city, 5.3 L/100 km on the highway and an average of 4.9 L/100 km when combined. All this is made possible thanks to the work of the model's 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, as well as the electric unit to which it is paired. In total, power is quite respectable at 151 horsepower and 197 pound-feet of torque.

2 - Two well-equipped versions

The 2021 Insight is available in two trim levels, Base and Touring. The good news is that each offers an excellent level of equipment.

For example, the Base version allows us to enjoy steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters to modulate deceleration, a two-zone climate control system, an eight-way power driver's seat, heated front seats and a remote starter, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an eight-speaker audio system, a sunroof, 17-inch wheels, and all-around LED lighting, including headlights, fog lights and headlights.

The Touring model adds an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, integrated garage door opener, navigation with bilingual voice recognition, heated rear seats, satellite radio, leather seats, a more powerful audio system with ten speakers, chrome door handles and rain-sensing wipers.

And, of note, all 2021 Insights come with the Honda Sensing Safety Suite.

3 - Inspirational Driving

In the past, the term "inspirational driving" has rarely been associated with a hybrid vehicle. The Honda Insight breaks down the barriers in this regard, as it proves that to be a hybrid, a car doesn't have to be boring to drive.

At the wheel, the Insight shows astonishing aplomb. It's thanks to a well-tuned chassis and a weight distribution that's conducive to good balance. This car is hard to fault and is therefore very reassuring to drive. Its steering is also well balanced, so it's fun to drive it in the city and on twisty roads as well.

If you're looking for a hybrid car and haven't yet taken the time to test drive the Insight, it's time to mark your calendar.

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