The Honda HR-V has been in the subcompact SUV segment since 2016, and since day one, it has been a fan favorite. Why? Well, to find out, you must take the time to analyze it, as the HR-V is not the most talkative or flamboyant vehicle on the market.

However, once you take the time to discover it, you won't want to do without it.

Cargo volume

The first thing that makes us fall in love with the Honda HR-V is its cargo volume. In fact, what's impressive is that despite its sub-compact size, it offers us the space of a compact model. How is this possible? It's because of the Magic Seat technology developed by Honda. This technology allows the rear seats to be folded down so that they are virtually removed from the equation. This frees up a maximum of space, which means that you can enjoy a capacity of 1,665 liters behind the first row of seats.

It's impressive, and you only have to cram things you think are too big on board to understand how magical the approach is.

The engine

No matter which model you choose, we all want one thing; that the engine at its service proves reliable over the years. With the 2021 Honda HR-V, that's a guarantee, because the 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine that sits up front is unbreakable. It's had a superb career so far in HR-V service, just as it had previously made a splash as a Civic workhorse.

Better yet, it offers some interesting fuel economy ratings. For example, on the highway, you'll get averages of 6.9 or 7.5 L/100 km, depending on whether you're driving a front- or all-wheel drive model. In the city, the figures are 8.3 and 8.9 L/100 km respectively.


Finally, the other secret of the HR-V is that it offers a fun-to-drive experience that you wouldn't necessarily expect from an SUV. This is certainly because this model was built on the chassis of the Fit subcompact, a car that also left its mark with its cargo volume and handling.

The HR-V follows the same recipe, which adds to the pleasure of owning this vehicle. In fact, in addition to enjoying great volume behind the front seats and a proven engine, there's an element of pleasure behind the wheel.

It's the best of all worlds.

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