When your Honda dealer sells a pre-owned vehicle, they always inspect it beforehand. If you’ve ever shopped for one of our models, you may have noticed this. But what does it mean?

We’ll explain in more detail what a Honda car inspection is, and then outline some of the situations in which it is recommended.

Mechanical and Rolling Road Inspections

Inspections mean mechanical checks! When you bring your car into a Honda garage for a problem such as a noise or impaired driving issues, the first thing we check is the powertrain.

During the inspection, we follow a multi-point checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked:

  • Engine
  • Braking system
  • Transmission and steering
  • Battery
  • AWD system (integral route)
  • Etc.

At the same time, we check transmission, engine and coolant fluid levels, making sure to follow your Honda vehicle maintenance schedule.

To ensure that all mechanical components are in good condition, we carry out a test drive. Our technicians will then be able to put themselves in your shoes and, thanks to their sharpened skills, detect any mechanical problems. Whether it’s the horn, heater or tire condition, we follow a roadmap to make sure nothing is left out!

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mechanic verifying or replacing battery on your car at lallier honda montreal service department

Body and Interior Inspection

The powertrain and other mechanical components play an important role in the good condition of a Honda vehicle. Yet, one shouldn’t neglect the bodywork, the condition of the interior materials and the many technologies.

On the outside, technicians will inspect the paintwork and bodywork, as well as the proper functioning of the trunk opening and closing system. Does the vehicle feature technology such as motion-sensing tailgate opening? We won’t disregard this important check!

We also check the interior thoroughly, paying particular attention to:

  • Cushions, upholstery and carpets
  • Controls and switches
  • Lighting
  • Sunroof operation
  • Infotainment and driver assistance technologies
  • And much more

In short, we leave nothing to chance! Whatever the problem identified, we’ll be able to remedy it using certified Honda parts to ensure the car’s maximum durability.

Tracing the Complete History

When you want to buy a used car, tracing its history is a step that can save you a lot of trouble. By bringing a vehicle into our service center, you can receive a detailed report.

For our part, we’ll check the vehicle’s service and repair records to confirm that maintenance has been carried out. We’ll also be able to confirm whether the vehicle is in good condition, or if it has suffered any major accidents.

Finally, we’ll make sure that everything is in perfect working condition when we hand you the vehicle. For example, we can reset HomeLink, transfer ownership of HondaLink and check that you have everything under control.

mechanic verifying electronics on your car at lallier honda montreal service department

When to Perform an Inspection?

Of course, a Honda Service Centre inspection is ideal before buying from a private party. When you buy from a dealership like Lallier Honda Montréal, you can be sure of getting a vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected and is in good condition.

There may also be other reasons for you to request an inspection. If you’re in the opposite situation, i.e., you’re selling your vehicle, you may want a full report before you put it up for sale.

Are you going on a trip, or simply looking for peace of mind before the onset of winter? An inspection can detect problems at an early stage, before they lead to unfortunate complications such as a breakdown. If you drive long distances, it’s the best way to get peace of mind!

Another good time to visit your Honda dealership is when the end of your warranty is approaching. As CAA Québec points out:

“By identifying problems in the making, you’ll be able to prove the presence of previous weaknesses should a breakdown occur while your vehicle is no longer under warranty.”

As a preventive measure, you can also have your car inspected before the end of a long-term rental. That way, if there’s a problem, you won’t have to pay more when you return the car!

Need a complete inspection? Entrust your car to our experts. Our Honda dealership in Montréal offers you full service and certified parts and accessories.

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